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Hope Shared with ILYA

This month the theme for worship is hope. Reverend Roberta talked about how hope is communicated and how it grows when it’s shared. ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) has experienced such an outpouring of hope for our young people who have aged out of foster care that there are hardly words to express our gratitude. The generosity with which our Holiday Giving project was greeted not only spreads hope to the young people who will receive your gifts but it also heartens the team members that work so hard to facilitate the various projects.
We all hope that the young people (who are always so grateful for your caring and generosity) will have not only a happier holiday season but will also have more hope themselves… hope in their own successful transition into adulthood… hope for challenging and rewarding endeavors that build a positive future for them… hope for stability and healthy loving relationships that support them.
Your gifts will be delivered to the young people over the next 2 weeks. Stay tuned to hear and maybe see some of their reactions. The ILYA team thanks you for once again showing such amazing support. Thank you all and Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends (started December 4th).