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Support for the Youngest Among Us

ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) has supported young people aging out of foster care for 12 years now. Last year, we also supported 2 infants born to young ILYA clients. In February, we’ll have a baby shower for another infant expected later this winter.
Our baby showers not only provide some essential equipment and supplies but also love and caring so lacking in these young women’s lives. They let the young woman know there’s more out there than judgement and isolation. She meets people she can turn to for advice. She also receives support on days when things get overwhelming, and encouragement to develop skills and chart a path to a successful, independent life for her and her child.
Both young mothers we’ve given showers to last year have obtained jobs and are successfully raising their babies. One is starting college in March and regularly connects with an ILYA team member.
If you’d like to support the upcoming baby shower, which will be held in February (date to be set shortly), please contact Lois Morris at or 302-475-2453. You can also see her most Sundays at coffee hour. A gift registry will be available for those wanting to provide a gift (gift cards are always welcome).