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ILYA – A Social Justice Task Force

Many people at First U know about ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) and provide amazing support for our projects. But we have many newcomers to our church community who may not be familiar with us. And many members may not be aware of the structure in place to foster the success of all our Social Justice programs. So, here’s the scoop!
Under the Social Justice “umbrella”, we have 3 “task forces”… ILYA, Human Rights and Environmental Justice. Each of these teams have a “charter” documenting their mission, goals, specific actions planned, UU values they support, how the work supports spiritual journeys and how we reach out beyond our walls and build coalitions. (Look on the team specific web page on the church website if you would like to learn more.)
The ILYA team supports young people aging out of foster care in New Castle County. Through 8 project areas, we help these young people celebrate their successful completion of high school, help them obtain and furnish/equip their first apartment, stay connected while continuing their education, celebrate the winter holidays and be prepared if they’re having a baby. More information is available on the church website and the ILYA Facebook page.
We thank you for your continued support of this important work.