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Generosity That Doesn’t Stop

On Sunday, February 11th, many of you met the wonderful young people who visited our church who ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) has supported. You heard the story of one from the pulpit who told you how your support impacted her. She ended her presentation by saying, “Words cannot thank you all for all your support. When you donate your money and time I want you to know you change someone’s life.”
And now words cannot say how grateful the ILYA team is for the continued support you not only show the young people we support but also the support you show the team. For without you, we couldn’t do what we do in your name. The offering in the plate and that which came in by mail totaled $1,681! That will allow us to continue providing supportive grants for security deposits and school fees, supportive loans to bridge the gap when timing is an issue and keep all our other projects going strong when they can’t be fully self-funding.
You are changing lives… aiding young people to become independent… supporting their ongoing education… helping them over hurdles they could never overcome without your help.
Thank you!
Most Sincerely, The ILYA Team