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Stewardship Reflection

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wisely said “Give what you have. To someone, it may be better than you dare to think.”
Stewardship comes in many forms. During our annual Stewardship Campaign, I like to focus not just on what I will give, but on WHY. Why exactly is First U important to me, and why do I give both my money and my time?
First U is where I go…
to sing, and to hear great music;
to learn, and to teach;
to receive support, and to support others;
to find a peaceful and loving spiritual home, and to help create one;
to be accepted, and to offer acceptance to my spiritual family;
to explore my inner self, and to seek a spiritual path free from judgment or dogma;
to explore my community, and to seek ways to make it stronger, and
to be regularly reminded that love will guide us.
First U. This place. These people. They guide my feet. They enrich my life. They are priceless to me. So every year, as Henry suggests, I give what I have to the spiritual home that I love so much.
Jan Shay