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Special Collection Sunday – March 11, 2018

The plate offering on March 11, 2018 will support our Grants for Growth to the UUs of Southern Delaware (UUSD) for the UUA Religious Education Credentialing of their Director of Lifespan Faith Development. Through the process of credentialing she expects to gain the knowledge, understanding, and skills that are essential to an effective UU Religious Educator. Since UUSD moved into its new home in September 2015, an important focus of the extensive Growth Plan of the UUSD Church Council is to attract and keep families with young children who become the next generation of UUs. Already they have experienced increased attendance in Sunday Services and Children’s RE. First Unitarian Wilmington has provided consistent support for UUSD since its founding in 1997. Please consider a generous contribution as UUSD continues to increase a Unitarian Universalist presence in Southern Delaware.
The Denominational Growth Committee