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The Power of Partnerships for Independent Living for Young Adults (ILYA)

ILYA’s partnerships with other organizations are some of our strongest programs. One such partnership is with the New Century Club of Newark. We got in touch with this organization to seek a grant for a young woman who spent her teen years in foster care after suffering serious abuse as a child. She was excused academically, but not financially, from her college classes after she took a break due to the effects of that long-term family trauma. Her outstanding bill for the time off prevented her from completing her degree.
The New Century Club granted an award which enabled us to negotiate with the college to settle her student account. Now she can re-register for classes and continue to build a successful future. The club has encouraged us to apply for another grant this year which will allow us to further assist ILYA youth who have aged out of programs for educational assistance. This is so helpful as many can’t finish their college education in 4 years due to the effects of long-term family trauma and the instability they experience in foster care and after.
We salute the New Century Club for their commitment to education and thank them for supporting our ILYA youth. We’re excited about establishing partnerships in the wider community for increased support of our ILYA youth.