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Helping With Moves

Too frequently, young people aging out of foster care have to move abruptly before they have a chance to find an apartment. When that happens, their Independent Living Coordinators often have to physically transport them to emergency housing but sometimes they have to take public transportation. One thing that makes that easier is having a rolling suitcase to put their belongings in.
Many church members and friends have that suitcase sitting in the back of the closet that isn’t ever used but too good to get rid of. If that’s you, perhaps you’d like to donate it to ILYA. Not only does it make the move easier but it also saves the young person from having their things transported in trash bags.
These kids aren’t trash and neither are their belongings. How demeaning to have to move that way! It’s bad enough losing your “home” without losing the dignity of an appropriate way to transport your belongings.
If you have a gently used rolling suitcase you’d like to donate, please contact Lois Morris at or 302-475-2453. Thank you!