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Did You Know?

In order to be able to vote at the annual meeting on May 6, you need to have made a donation of record within the past 12 months? According to our by-laws:
“Those members who participate actively in Church activities and make an annual financial contribution of record shall be Voting Members. Each Voting Member shall (i) have the right to vote at any Meeting of the Congregation beginning 30 days after the date on which the Member signed the rolls; (ii) be eligible for election as a member of the Board of Trustees, as an Officer of the Church, or as a delegate to the General Assembly of the UUA (a “GA delegate”); (iii) have the fees for membership in the Church’s denominational organizations paid by the Church; and (iv) be counted as Members in denominational reports.”
Please email Marina at if you would like her to check your donation record and verify that you are eligible to vote at the May 6 meeting.