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Listening Sessions at  First Unitarian Church of Wilmington

The goal of these listening sessions is to allow the members of the congregation to express their views on the plans for the alteration of the Sanctuary Entryways, as a part of the overall modification plan, to the First Unitarian Church Board of Trustees. The sessions will be moderated by the Rev. David Pyle, CER-UUA Congregational Life Consultant. While Board Members will be at each Listening session, they will participate in the process as congregation members. Rev. Pyle will listen to what is shared, and will then present a formal report to the Board of Trustees on what is shared related to this project.
The process will be one of both sharing and listening, allowing Rev. Pyle to draft an assessment of the concerns for the Board. During each of the two sessions, Rev. Pyle will reflect back what he has heard to those who attend, and will also conduct some additional conversations as needed to get clarity on the issues. While we expect that some of the attention will focus on the issues related to the entryway doors, this conversation is not specifically limited to that issue.
These sessions will be April 12th at 4:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. in Parish Hall.  Each is expected to go for 90 minutes.