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Partnership and Learning           

Last week a group of volunteers who support the Student Care Package project in the ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) program met with some of the Independent Living Coordinators (ILCs) who work closely with the students. For those who don’t know, in Delaware, young people aging out of foster care can elect to have continued support from the state’s Independent Living Program. This includes the support of a coordinator who helps guide them in obtaining financial support, housing, admission to further education/job training, employment and many other areas that build independence.
ILYA’s Student Care Package project brings encouragement and caring to students during the school year and at birthdays to strengthen the young person’s efforts to achieve their goals. Sometimes our volunteers learn about situations that they may not be sure how to handle. So to support them, we asked the ILCs to meet with us and educate us on how to best respond.
It was a very productive meeting with volunteers sharing experiences and asking for guidance. The ILCs educated us about services they provide and when and how to bring concerns about the students to them. Everyone involved left the meeting feeling better informed and better able to support our young “clients”. This is another example of how our partnerships with outside agencies allow us to live our Unitarian values.