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Life Long Art Show Report

Sunday, July 15th, members of First U had the opportunity to share a visual experience with artists from within our congregation.  99-year old Glen Barbaras kindly allowed 32 of his wood sculptures to be exhibited in Brunner Chapel, along with five acrylic paintings by David Weiss and 21 butterfly photographs by Barry Marrs. The show was well attended. Glen said he was stunned by the enthusiastic response of the attendees. Sitting in his living room on Sunday, after the exhibit, with some of the people who had volunteered to transport the sculptures, Glen smiled and made this comment: “I think we are starting a new tradition at First U by having a memorial service for a person while s/he is still alive.”

From Glen:

Thanks to the church for the use of the Brunner Chapel, the staff for their support, those who planned and set up the exhibit, those who transported the sculptures (some quite heavy), those who provided refreshments, and the two fellow retirees, Barry Marrs and David Weiss, who shared their creativity in photography and painting, which enhanced the show. We hope to inspire others to become creative in some field – for their own satisfaction. I, myself, have had no training in art or sculpture. And the wood came from trees, roots, and shrubs given to me – mostly by people in our congregation.

“At a brown bag lunch recently, Glen was talking about the show, and someone asked him if he ever sells his sculpture. He responded that he doesn’t want to think about selling when he does his art, because he’d wonder if the thought of selling would sneak into his subconscious. And the act of making art wouldn’t be as much fun.”                                                                                                                    David Weiss

Here are a few photos from the exhibit: