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Memorial to a Brother/Son

Recently a letter was delivered to Independent Living for Young Adults (ILYA) which contained a check from Children & Families First. It was a gift in memory of someone who was an unknown supporter of ILYA but who had apparently informed Children & Families First of his belief in what we are doing for youth aging out of foster care.
Fortunately, the letter also contained the names and addresses of the deceased’s next of kin so we were able to send them acknowledgement of the gift as well as our condolences. What a wonderful way to have someone live on in the lives of those ILYA serves that a gift like this supports!
In the past we have also received gifts in honor of people celebrating a birthday or anniversary (one was from a child who requested this rather than receiving tangible presents – how touching is that!!!).
ILYA is so grateful for all the support we receive in many different ways… church member donations; donations from outside the church by people who hear about the work we do; volunteer hours that bring our projects to life… they are all important and so very much appreciated. Together, we make a huge impact on these most vulnerable young lives. We couldn’t do it without you… THANK YOU!!!