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ILYA is back to school too!

While many are just starting back to school, ILYA has kicked off our school related activity already. Mid-summer Sue Wilson who has so wonderfully lead the Student Care Package for a number of years handed leadership over to Cathy Butler after doing a great orientation.
Cathy picked the ball right up and created new technology approaches to manage the project. A new spread sheet tracks historic activity as well as ongoing participation more automatically. A new information sheet gives a comprehensive view of the Student Care Package project and how it fits with the other projects ILYA has to support the youth. AND BEST OF ALL… a new sign-up form that can be done online (just the way the youth like to interact). She handed these materials to many youth and to all the Independent Living Coordinators at the Youth Advisory Council Conference in August and had a completed form come back to her within days.
For those of you not familiar with the project, please go to the ILYA web page and click on the Student Care Package link. And please start thinking about volunteering to send a student some encouragement to help them through the coming school year. As always, the ILYA team is most grateful for your ongoing support. You’ve made this a totally successful program!