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September Update on Capital Plan Improvements

The four subcommittees charged with making decisions on the wide range of major improvements and upgrades have been busy at work since the congregation’s May vote. Improved accessibility (mechanized front doors, wheelchair lifts between different levels and ADA restroom off Parish Hall), as well as space utilization and flexibility (flexible seating and new flooring) were the top plan priorities.
As agreed to at our Annual Meeting, votes will be held on relocating the Parks’ doors and replacing the existing pews with flexible seating. The Board has prepared a notice for a Special Meeting to hold these votes. In order to encourage maximum Member participation, discussion and assessment of these important matters, the Special Meeting will adopt a novel way of voting. Details will be spelled out in a notice from the Board.
In addition, the Strategic Planning Committee will be holding Q&A meetings during the next month to further update the congregation with specifics about progress that has been made and the timetable for completion. We will be sending out information about those meetings through various forms of communication.
Please see the website post,”We’re Trying Something New“,  for the Board’s notice providing details about the Special Meeting to vote.
If you’d like a refresher on the plan, it’s available on the church website.