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Beyond Categorical Thinking

The Minister Search Committee urges as many members and friends of the congregation as possible to attend the Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop on Saturday, Oct. 27, from 9 a.m. to noon-and also to be present at worship the following day, Oct. 28. Rev. Keith Kron, director of transitions for the UUA, will conduct the Saturday workshop and preach on Sunday. Register for the workshop here.
Using case studies of actual situations faced by other UU churches, Beyond Categorical Thinking is aimed at making us aware of our stereotypes and unconscious biases about ministers and ministry. Although we are a liberal congregation, there are at least two challenges for us to consider in this session:
* Are we as a congregation ready to place our trust in a minister of color or from another historically marginalized group?
* Are we also ready to provide the kind of ongoing support such a minister would require to be successful here and in the Wilmington community?
It is worth noting that the demographics of ministry have changed:
* The majority of UU ministers are women, including those now entering the ministry
* There are increasing numbers of ministers of color, and a wide range of gender identities and sexual preferences.
* Although there are many young clergy, other potential candidates may be older, pursuing a second or later career in ministry.

Your Search Team values your participation in this discussion, which will help enable us to choose the most appropriate minister from the broadest base of candidates. You may register for Beyond Categorical Thinking online or by calling the church office. Or stop by the Search Committee table in the Parish Hall after the service. As always, we welcome your questions. Email us as