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Stewardship Campaign Summary

Shinning a Light on Our Future
We turned on the light in February, in the dark of winter, with Jubilee Sunday, and finished with cake after a Sunday service in late April. Now that the campaign is complete, we have the means to forge ahead for another year. We thank the many members and friends who made the financial commitments summarized below.
We received 241 pledges totaling $507,605, which is 98.6% of our pledge campaign dollar goal of $515,000 and 92.7% of our pledge unit goal of 260. Last year, at this time, we had received 245 pledges totaling $515,808.
We especially thank the 85 families and individuals who increased their commitments; they and the 17 new folks who made commitments, nearly balanced the 37 who reduced, and the 17 dropped pledges (1 Moved away; 14 Not Pledging & 2 Passed Away).
Although we end the campaign, $7,400 short of our goal and $3,400 below budget, we will likely get new pledges during the fiscal year to make up most of the shortfall.
Now we turn our attention to the ministry and work of the Church as we prepare ourselves and our facility to welcome a new minister!
The Follow-up Stewardship Team:
Bill Hardham, Jacqueline Kairis, Dale Megill, Susan Soltys