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Special Collection for Grants for Growth – This Sunday, October 14

The Plate Offering this Sunday will fund the Grants for Growth Program. Several UU Congregations are preparing applications that, when implemented, will promote their membership growth. The first Grants for Growth was made in 1997 to assist the “startup” of the Lewes Congregation (UUSD). Subsequently twelve grants have been made to eight other small congregations for a total of over $115,000. These grants have assisted small, growing congregations for expenses related to “startup”, Children’s Religious Education, credentialing of a Children’s Religious Exploration Director, audio and video systems, ministerial salaries, new sanctuary campaigns, and publicity. These grants, while small in actual dollars, convey a feeling within small congregations that someone cares about their survival. And at First Unitarian, a sense of pride develops with the knowledge that throughout the Delmarva Peninsula a Unitarian Universalist Sunday Morning service now is within a 45 minute drive.
At the 2002 General Assembly in Salt Lake City First U received the O. E. Pickett Award for its support of Membership Growth. Joseph Priestley District leaders have praised our generosity for many years of support to new and growing UU Congregations.
Please consider a generous contribution to the Plate Offering on Sunday October 14th that will allow First U to continue this important tradition. Grants for Growth is a program of our Denominational Growth Committee.