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Guest at Your Table

What would you risk in order to stand up for fair elections and human rights? Ely Rosales risks everything – sabotage, property damage, death threats, beatings and worse.
Ely Rosales knows the dangers of working for human rights in Honduras but he chooses to do it anyway. He works for one of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee’s (UUSC’s) partners, a radio station called Radio Progreso.
The election of President Juan Orlando Hernandez, who fraudulently made his way onto the ballot, was marred by suspiciously timed black-outs of polling stations. Protests have been met with deadly military crackdowns. Radio Progreso reports candidly on the election and police repression and has suffered threats and violence from the government. Nevertheless, they continue to broadcast so that Hondurans and the world will know the truth.
In spite of the danger, Ely Rosales is buoyed by the support of their partners like the UUSC who give him hope that the future can be better. Your support of UUSC through Guest at Your Table will help keep Radio Progreso on the air and insure that human rights have a voice in Honduras.
Please invite Ely Rosales to be a Guest at Your Table (GAYT) this year by contributing to GAYT online at, by filling your GAYT box with cash or a check or by using the GAYT envelope available at church. If you stop by the table in the Parish Hall after the service to buy Doyle’s honey, 100% of your purchase will go to the UUSC!