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Guest at your Table

Welcome to America? When Valentina Mejia fled threats against her life in El Salvador, 3,000 miles stood between her and a better life. What sustained her throughout the dangerous journey was her dream of being granted asylum in the United States. The reality that greeted her was much different. She was detained by ICE and placed in a detention center in Orange County, CA, where she was denied the urgent medical care she needed.

After seven months an immigration judge set Valentina a $15,000 bond for her release. $15,000! Fortunately, Freedom for Immigrants, a partner of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) stepped in to help.
Freedom for Immigrants works to end the practice of immigration detention. In the meantime they provide pro bono legal advice, monitor conditions in detention and document abuses. When Valentina’s bond was set they collaborated with other social justice organizations to raise her bond and find her a host home.

If you believe that desperate people fleeing for their lives don’t deserve to be treated like criminals, there is something you can do about it. Your contribution to the UUSC supports 75 grassroots partners in over 25 countries, including the United States. Put your UU values to work by making a generous contribution to Guest at Your Table. Fill your box with cash, write a check or contribute online at And remember, 100% of your purchase of Doyle’s honey during coffee hour will go to the UUSC.