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Friday, November 2, is Last Day to Vote on Chairs and Doors; Voting deadline: 5 p.m.

At our Annual Meeting on May 6, the Congregation voted to approve the Capital Improvement Plan with a commitment to later hold two votes as to:
whether or not relocate the Park’s front doors to another part of the Church, and
whether or not replace existing pews with flexible seating.
Members are encouraged to review the white papers and recommendations prepared by the two subcommittees assessing these issues. The white papers can be found on the Church website.

There are two votes: One relating to the doors, and the other relating to seating. Votes can be cast either by electronic or paper ballot. Voting started October 9 and runs until 5 p.m. this Friday, November 2.

You do not need to be physically present to vote. No meeting will be held in the Church to cast votes. However, paper ballots will be available in the Church Office through tomorrow. Votes can be cast electronically at any time until the deadline. Voting members should click here to cast their votes.