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Who is ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults)?

First and foremost, ILYA is YOU! You support the team through donations of time and money. ILYA started supporting young people aging out of foster care over 13 years ago and First UU has never faltered.
But how it gets done is through the work of a team of dedicated volunteers.
Cathy Butler kicked off the Student Care Packages this Fall with Betty Wier’s support.
A baby shower on November 3rd planned by Vanessa McClafferty (not even affiliated with First U) assisted by Martha Gessler and other team members will support the new mom.
Holiday Giving kicks off the first Sunday in November led by Carolyn Gibson with Betty Wier, Barbara Perry, Martha Gessler and Henrietta McKelvey and many others lending a hand.
The graduation Backpack & Pizza Party in May is led by Amy Barch and Lori Cowan aided by Betty Weir, Stephanie Cloud and supported by Cathy Butler.
New Apartment Kits are created and distributed by Sue Hodges, Stephanie Cloud, Marge Stitz and Cathy Cambridge (and this year aided by our Questers religious exploration class).
Educational tutoring is offered by Charlotte Grabau
Leslie Dickerson co-leads the team with Lois Morris as rotation leadership is implemented.
Barbara Crowell and Roberta Finklestein work with Lois Morris to manage the Supportive Grants and Loans project.
It takes a great team to make this program work and we have the greatest… including all of you! It makes such a difference to these young people whose many needs would be unmet otherwise. THANK YOU for your ongoing support!