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The Results Are In!

The Special Meeting vote on the front doors and Sanctuary seating was adjourned at 5 p.m. on Friday, November 2. Over a period of two weeks, 187 Members participated in our first-of-a-kind process designed to encourage greater opportunity for review, discussion, and to increase the number of Members voting. As your Board of Trustees, we want to express our deep appreciation for your heartfelt engagement and participation that made this such a success! An Eblast went out on November 3 detailing the results and process. In case you had not heard the result, here it is:

Results for #1 are:
Support mechanizing the Parks doors and keeping them where they are – 75
Support replacing them with mechanized, glass doors and relocating the Parks doors to the Parish Hall – 112
Thus, the Congregation voted to replace the doors

Results for #2 are:
Support keeping the existing pews and refurbishing them with new cushions – 42
Support flexible seating similar to that on display in the back of the Sanctuary and replacing the existing pews – 144
Thus, the Congregation voted to replace pews with flexible seating

The outcome of these votes plays a vital role in the next steps for moving our Capital Improvement Plan forward. With the choices made by the Congregation, the Management Team will be able to work with the soon-to-be-chosen general contractor to set construction priorities and timetable. When this becomes clear, the Strategic Planning Committee will report to the Congregation.