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UUSC – Central American Caravans

The media is full of news about caravans of Central American asylum seekers. Responses from leaders of our government have been alarmist, misleading and poisoned by racism and xenophobia. What is the truth?

Here are four things you should know:
1. People flee Central America because they have no choice. Human rights abuses, especially crimes against women and girls, give people no choice but to seek asylum across borders.
2. The caravans do not represent an overall increase in migration. People are traveling in these groups as a way to stay safe from dangers on the migration route.
3. Policies such as family separation and indefinite detention will NOT deter people fleeing for their lives. The policies will merely layer gratuitous cruelty on top of an already deadly migration system.
4. The U.S. and countries along the route cannot block people from asylum according to both U.S. and international law.
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The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) works with partners in Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Mexico and the U.S. to provide practical and legal assistance to these desperate people. Your gift to Guest at Your Table will support this important work at this critical time.

Fill your box with cash or a check or contribute online at where you can read more about the caravans and the work of the UUSC.
And remember that 100% of your purchase of Doyle’s honey at coffee hour supports the UUSC.