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Guest At Your Table Boxes – It’s Time to Return Them

This Sunday, 11/18/18, is return day for the Guest At Your Table boxes. It is important to return them for the following reasons:
The boxes are part of the Setting the Table Service. At the appropriate time you will be invited to place your box on the table. Returning the boxes signals the end of our Guest At Your Table program for this year.
The boxes should have checks or cash in them to support the world-wide work of Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. However, if you have given online at or sent a check to UUSC, please find a box and place it on the Table as a symbol of your support for UUSC.
UUSC is unique in it’s approach to solving problems in every country in which it works: it partners with local organizations so that, to every degree possible, ways can be found to empower people so they can stay in their own country, if not their own community or home. If people need to leave to escape abuse, poverty, war, genocide, or climate disasters, the local partners help them begin that dangerous journey to another country. But UUSC does not stop there – it also works with local partners in countries to which refugees are going to help with safety, security, legal assistance, and places to live.
What UUSC does on both sides of our southern border is an excellent example of their work. The literature you have received over the past five weeks of our Guest At Your Table program has provided many examples. If you want to make a difference, generous support of UUSC is possibly your best opportunity to make a significant difference.
If you need more information, contact Doyle Dobbins at or call/text 302-540-7593. Thank you for supporting UUSC.