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Thanks to all those who helped make our First U EDR casseroles this month, AND took on the added pumpkin pies challenge! On the 19th, Kate Cowperthwait came in early and cooked the chickens (as she does every month), then Jill Coghlan, Renee Anderson, Sydney Robertson Jimenez, Mimi Moser, and I prepped and cooked 20 pumpkin pies, along with 7 pans of chicken shepherd’s pie. I think we bit off more than we could chew (pun intended), but the stalwart crew got it all done by our 1 pm deadline! And the next day Bob & Lynn Ingersoll served our lunch to ~200 grateful diners down at EDR. Thank you, team! Want to help out? Contact Cindy Cohen at

A Winter Gift for You: Every month we have chicken stock available in the church freezers! One of the by-products of our EDR cooking is we’re left with some wonderful chicken stock that we package up in quart containers for you and your families. Check the church freezers anytime and help yourself!
Want a fun family project? We can always use cookies for our First U monthly meal at EDR. If you like to bake, especially during the holiday season, consider making an extra batch of cookies to donate to our EDR efforts! (For example, Joan Flack has been making a batch of brownies every month for us – thank you Joan!!!) And if you don’t like to bake, we love store-bought cookies as well! You can drop off cookies in the church kitchen before the 19th of the month, (or leave them in the freezers if they’re time-critical), make sure they’re labeled “EDR”, and we’ll be thrilled to add them to that month’s meal. And it’s a wonderful way to instill a family tradition of giving back to others, all year long.