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Stewardship Reflection – The Bell-Delgado Family

Tonia Bell-Delgado
Hello I am Tonia Bell- Delgado. I am Kerri and Everett’s mom and Carmen’s wife. I know that some people confuse Carmen and I so we decide to do this separately so that you could match our stories with our faces.
Why do I give my money and my talents to First U? I give because I believe in First U. It is my spiritual home. As your sponsored seminarian I have received support in all aspects of my journey. You have been here with me through some of my most trying and most triumphant times.
I believe in our congregation’s desire to reach outside of our walls and do things that provide a lasting impact of positive change. I work inside our walls to making lasting positive impacts by participating in the nominating committee, the vespers team, and the RE team.
Please consider what touches you about First U and give what you can to help us continue to be great.

Carmen Bell-Delgado
Hello I am Carmen Bell-Delgado. I am Kerri and Everett’s mom and Tonia’s wife.
When our family moved to Delaware in August of 2013 it was important that we find a UU church to keep our children in the faith that they grew up with. I had attended a UU church off and on with Tonia and the kids but I wasn’t a UU. When we came to First U, I immediately knew that this would be our church.
I have loved and been loved by so many people here. Our family has been nurtured here. So when I was asked first to be a Worship Associate and then a Board Member I was honored and thrilled to serve.
I support First U for many reasons. I feel connected to all of you and my connection to my faith has grown and flourished here. Tonia and I talk about what our family needs and we talk about the needs of the church then, we make a decision of what to give. The best part is now I don’t even have to carry money into church on Sunday because we have an app. If you are trying to decide what you can give know that every amount helps. Thank you

Kerri Bell-Delgado
When I chose to become a member of First U, I decided that I wanted to be a pledging member. I feel that my congregation supports and cares about me.
I value the RE programming that I received because I learned about other religions and cultures, which is important to me. I benefited from the OWL classes because I learned accurate information about sexuality that helped me and, I was able to help my friends with what I learned. Now I am a helper in the seeker class because I enjoy participating in their learning.
When I work with the seeker class, I am also learning how to teach children and be a better public speaker. I feel accomplished as a member because, I pledged what I could, to help our congregation continue to do good things and because I donate my time so that I can be of service to the RE program.