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Oh no! No More Baby Showers?!

About 2 years ago ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) started a project to offer support to young women who had aged out of foster care at age 18 and found themselves pregnant. We wanted them to feel valued and supported knowing that another life to manage significantly increased the challenges they faced. We started the Baby Shower project… a total success!

We’ve had about 2 a year where the expectant mom received tremendous support largely due to the efforts of Vanessa McClafferty (not a church member) and Martha Gessler. Due to a change in work responsibilities, unfortunately, Vanessa is not able to continue to plan/facilitate these events. She’ll continue to facilitate getting the generous donations that come in mostly from the North Wilmington Mom’s Facebook group and get them delivered but we need to find someone to plan/facilitate the actual showers if we are to offer them.
We require at least 3 months’ notice of an expected birth for planning and there are many others who pitch in to assist/attend the event. If you can help us with this project, you will make a young mom’s start with her baby a much better one that she might otherwise have. Please contact Lois Morris by email or phone at 302-475-2453 to explore this possibility. Thanks for considering it.