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Voting Membership – What it is and why it is Important

We run our church with a democratic process. Last Fall, the congregation voted on making improvements to the church building. Each year, the voting members of the congregation make decisions about budgets and other important issues at our annual meeting. Later this spring, the congregation will vote to choose a new minister. Our 5th UU Principle states: “We affirm and promote the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.” For all these reasons, being a voting member is critically important to our church’s success.

What does it take to become a voting member? It is pretty simple. Step 1 – Join the church by signing the book, Step 2 – Make an annual financial contribution of record, Step 3 – Participate in church activities.
Any level of financial contribution qualifies church members to be voting members. We understand that our members come from all economic backgrounds and we want all to be welcome and able to participate in important decisions. Participating in church activities is also flexible. Whether you just come to Sunday services occasionally, or you serve on 10 committees, all levels of participation are acceptable.

If you want a chance to vote on our new minister or to vote for other important decisions, you need to be a voting member. If you want to check your status, please email and we can look up your member record. If you know you haven’t made a contribution in the past couple of years, send in a donation in whatever amount you can. Donations designated for Counterpoint or ILYA count, as well as pledge payments and money in the collection basket. Just be sure to include your name for any cash donations, so we can properly credit your account.

Thank you for your support of First Unitarian and happy voting!!!