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Your Church! Your Stewardship Campaign!

It’s an exciting time at First U. We are in the process of calling a new minister. We are making our Church more accessible, safe, flexible and inviting to all. We are creating new possibilities! And that is happening because you, our members, are stepping up! As of February 5, we have received 137 pledges totaling $405,135 towards our goal of $510,000 for our Operating Fund; this represents 79.4% of our dollar goal, and 58.8% of expected pledges. We also have pledges of $192,420 towards our goal of $250,000 in our special mini Capital campaign, or 76% of our goal.
A Big Thank You to all of you who have responded to our Stewardship Campaign by making your pledge for the 2019-20 Operating Campaign and to those who have taken the extra step of contributing to our special mini Capital Campaign.

If you have not yet made your pledge, we invite you to consider what you can commit to the work of your Church via your pledge to the Operating Campaign. Then, consider what you are able to contribute to making our facility accessible, safe, flexible, and inviting to all. Be ready with your support when you get a call from a member soliciting your pledge. You can also pledge on line, here.

Thank you for your commitment to your Church.
Beverley Baxter & Doyle Dobbins
Stewardship Campaign Co-Chairs