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I do not say “Good Morning”-I say “Love and Hope”

It was North Shore, L.I., N.Y. in the
seventies-the hippy time
We drove into a wooded area on gravel
No parking lot–
With a one, two and six year old dressed for church
We walked to a building that looked like a castle with atop the turret a bent cross
it was iron and the UU’s couldn’t get it down
When the Catholic in me saw the minister at the door clad in robe, sandals and beard. He looked like Jesus!
Everyone hugged, kissed including Harry Chapin!
I knew instantly I was a UU

In Boca Raton Florida-our second UU Fellowship, we came upon a small wooden building with the baptismal the Baptists left for us!
It was here in the R.E. program we listened to the heart beat of a soon to be born new UU
Dedicated, hard working, all ages, we raised money to buy land and build the beautiful Boca Raton Fellowship.
There was commitment and community.

Our children left, married, we looked to the South in Broward County to help a new group.
They met in a firehouse, but because of a lack of parking, moved to a cafeteria in a school.
All supplies were carried home each week
All chairs were folded and unfolded each week.
The welcoming group rotated each week.
Everyone was greeted as a new family member.
Hugs were plentiful!
Most everyone was active in service and social justice.
We fed the homeless, involved ourselves in the LGBT community and tried to build. Owning land, we eventually needed to sell as the worst recession hit hard in South Florida.
We couldn’t afford a minister, but this group continued.
They persevered with welcoming lay led services. They were forced to move to a warehouse.

And then with tears, we had to leave them.
They were the most committed and hopeful to our efforts and principles of our faith.

Martin and I came to Wilmington-It was love, dedication, welcoming we tried to bring here.
Well, when we drove to this church!
Two parking lots?! A building?! Two ministers, pews, music, RE and more!
I thought I must have died and gone to heaven!
But then I remembered I was a UU! With great appreciation I knew Heaven was here!
Here in the hearts, minds, souls, and good works of good people.

In the UU Fellowship we left, we found Love, Dedication, Hope.
We have arrived now.
Here in this place that has the spirit of all those
who came before
and those to come.

Love and Hope
Say it with me,
Love and Hope By Eloise Peres

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