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We’re Not There Yet! Help us Meet our Stewardship Goals!

We send a big Thank You! to all of you members and friends who have contributed to our Stewardship Campaign – we’re not there yet! We need to hear from everyone to meet our operating budget goal and send a significant, positive message to ministerial candidates considering First U that we’re creating new possibilities.
Our terrific volunteers, serving as Visiting Stewards, have met with as many members as we could. All members were invited to two Sunday Stewardship meetings. Last week, additional volunteers tried to call everyone who had not already made a pledge. Thank you to those who responded and pledged over the phone. For those we didn’t reach, we left a message on answering services where possible.
If you have not yet made your pledge to the Stewardship Campaign, please consider what you can commit to the work of your Church via your pledge to the Operating Campaign for next year 2019-2020. Then, consider what you are able to contribute to making our facility accessible, safe, flexible, and inviting to all. You can make your pledge to either one or both of our campaigns online by clicking here. Many thanks for your support!
Beverley Baxter & Doyle Dobbins
Stewardship Campaign Co-Chairs