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Kitchen Concerns

Our kitchen is used by many people every week. We need everyone to help us keep it clean and safe.
This week we found multiple perishable food items, from a couple of weeks ago, in the refrigerator, despite prominent signs asking that no food be left without prior staff approval. The items were expired. None had notes indicating that a staff person had approved leaving the leftovers for future use. (Staff people may occasionally approve leaving leftovers so they can be used for a future activity).
We want to remind everyone that food left in the refrigerator may remain there for weeks before anyone on staff notices it and gets rid of it. Staff members are not responsible for refrigerators – it is up to church members to follow the procedure and either take leftovers home or throw them away.
Under limited circumstance, items may be place in the kitchen refrigerators for future use. If so, all should be clearly labelled and dated.
Thank you! With your help, we can have a safe and clean kitchen!