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Thank you to Saturday’s Pruners and Weeders

Thank you to Marty Peres, Jackie Feldman, Phil Krape, Dee Burdash, Judy Windle, Julie Brewer, and Lois Morris for their enthusiastic work pruning and weeding on Saturday, July 13. We continued the work Dee Burdash and her crew started a couple of weeks ago, pruning back the overgrown azaleas, cherry laurel, holly, and other bushes and trees in front of the Sanctuary and Parish Hall. We also weeded mulch beds and flower beds in the Memorial Garden and the front, west side, and back of the church. This contribution of service to the church enhanced the “curb appeal” of our church and saved us the money it would have cost to hire a contractor to do this work.
P.S. There is still more pruning and weeding needed if you are so inclined! Contact Jim Weddell at or Dee at, if you are interested.

Pruning parties are fun!