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Look What You Did!

In checking the ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) mailbox this week, we found the note card below. Rasheen is a student at the University of Delaware who was helped with tuition by a grant from the New Century Club of Newark obtained by ILYA. While this wasn’t money donated by First U, it’s you who keeps this social justice program strong. The fact that it is a strong program encourages others to support us also and here’s the proof that the partnering pays off.
Now it’s time to kick off our Student Care Package program. Students like Rasheen will be paired up with volunteers who want to give them encouragement as they pursue their post-secondary education. Four times a year, small “care packages” boost their spirits and let them know someone is cheering them on. That makes a big difference particularly during stressful times… the beginning semester for freshmen… exam time… times when they feel very alone without family support.
You can make a big difference in the lives of these students. We can match you up with a student who wants to build a relationship or you can simply send packages with no further contact to students who prefer that. Cathy Butler and her helpers will be in the parish hall every Sunday in September to sign up volunteers. Won’t you consider helping to make another student’s experience “awesome”?