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UU Retreat at Murray Grove

The monthly theme of expectation and the upcoming theme of belonging have put me in mind of an experience I had last year.
I was new to First U and was amazed and excited to see that it was buzzing with energy and activity. I learned about an upcoming Women’s Retreat at a place called Murray Grove. At the time, going on a retreat was exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to be away from all distractions of daily life to just get in touch with the elusive inner me.
Expectations? I read the Murray Grove brochures . What could I expect from “rustic”, “healthy food”, “outdoor activities”, “firepit.” Sounded frighteningly like my girl scout days, which, by the way, I was in no hurry to revisit. But the website also promised “JOY”.
I set my expectations to the Joyous Womens Retreat based on that.
Now we come to the belonging part. From the minute I walked in the door of the main lodge, I felt as if I had been given membership in the Giant Bear Hug Society. Being in the company of open, caring, like-minded women for the weekend was transformative. Sharing experiences, working together on projects, and taking personal time for meditation was amazing. A vacation for the soul, going to places not visited before.
The expectations and the belonging of women.

This year the Joyous Womens Retreat in November 1st through November 3rd. Deadline to register is October 17. All details are on the website
Stephanie Cloud