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Sending a Package Could be Too Much

For some people who would like to support a student who has aged out of foster care by participating in the student care package project, it’s too much to physically prepare and mail a package. But did you know it can be as easy as putting a gift card in an envelope and mailing it off 4 times in the academic year? That’s right; it doesn’t have to be an actual box of “things”. What teenager doesn’t like being able to have a few extra bucks to buy something they want or need? Gift cards feel like great support to them.
Please come and see us at the social justice table in the parish hall during coffee time after the service this Sunday if you can help us show a student that we care. ILYA is also hosting the hospitality table so please say “Hi” to our team. They’re hard working folks that keep this program going strong. THANKS for your ongoing support!