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The ILYA Team Thanks You!

We are delighted to report that we have volunteer matches for all of the fifteen young adults who signed up to participate in the ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults) Student Care Package project for this academic year! In fact, we had several MORE volunteers than students! This project matches students who have aged out of foster care and are pursuing post-secondary education with caring volunteers willing to send them packages of treats four times over the course of the year. Receiving these packages, and the kindness they represent, can make a world of difference to these young people, who often find themselves very alone and with minimal resources. Thank you to everyone who stepped up to help – your generosity is very much appreciated!
Everyone who signed up to volunteer for the Student Care Package Project should have received an email from Cathy Butler last week. Those who were matched should have received the name, contact information and a bit of background for their student. Those individuals who were not matched to a student should have received an email to that effect. If you volunteered, and did not receive an email, please contact Cathy by text to 484-680-6868 or email to Thanks again for your wonderful support!