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Our Emmanuel Dining Room Efforts Continue Despite Kitchen Renovations

Each month a team from First U prepares and serves a hot lunch to those in need at Emmanuel Dining Room (EDR) in downtown Wilmington. We’ve been doing it for almost 40 years, since they opened in 1979. So the First U kitchen renovations weren’t going to stop us – we simply moved cooking to the same morning as serving, and we get everything done at EDR on the 20th of every month. We had to make some changes during this temporary period, but all is going well, and the team is embracing this change willingly.
Many thanks to the EDR team, who this year have included Carolyn Wahrenberger, Jill Coghlan, Kate Cowperthwait, Pam Finkelman, Sue Fuhrmann, Sydney Robertson Jimenez, Rita & Jim Meek, Mimi & James Moser, Nancy Pinson, Barbara Pratt, Jean Raleigh, Ed Scott, Ajay Shalwala, Bob Ullrich, Betty Wier, Midge Willard, and Sue Wilson.
And hearty thanks to Bob Ullrich for his years of service!
We also wish to send special appreciation to one of our most loyal servers: Bob Ullrich, who, after many years of dedicated service, decided that at 99 years young he needed to slow down a bit and has retired his serving spoon. We miss you Bob, it’s not the same in the EDR kitchen without you.
If you are interested in being part of the EDR team, contact Cindy Cohen at We cook and serve on the 20th of the month, on whatever day that falls on. We would love to have you join us!