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In our Tale for All Ages last week we heard about a polar bear who lost his home as his ice floe melted. It was a story about bears, yes, but it’s also the story of real people facing a real crisis due to climate change.
Made up of low-lying islands in the Pacific, the small nation of Kiribati is severely impacted by the climate crisis. Just ten feet above sea level at its highest point, Kiribati has already suffered the effects of a rising sea. Many fear that they may have to leave their homes forever unless they can adapt to the new climate reality.
But as the people of Kiribati face this crisis, they do not face it alone. Live and Learn Environmental Education is one of six partners of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) responding to the challenge. Its director, Pelenise Alofa, travels to meet with threatened communities, learning about local issues and arranging services. Through her leadership, Live and Learn has provided access to clean water, built sea walls and planted mango trees to mitigate sea level rise.
Your gift to the UUSC through our annual Guest at Your Table drive will help insure that those most vulnerable to a changing climate have the leadership and resources they need to confront this crisis. Fill your box with cash or a check, send a contribution in the envelope available at church, or contribute online at And remember that 100% of your purchase of Doyle’s honey during coffee hour will be donated to the UUSC!