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Pruning Team THANK YOU!

Did you notice the 2 large piles of tree and bush trimming on our lawn on Sunday? Thanks to Jim Weddell, Bill Hardham, Phil Krape, Ernie Congo, Erik Goodlett, Momo Konate and Dee Burdash much yard work was accomplished. The Memorial Garden received a major trimming of bushes and tree. The junipers that had grown into the driveway were cut back. The water bags were removed from the young trees. The bush bed under the blue-square windows was “solarized”- by putting down black plastic and doing weeding and pruning, which is always needed. Thanks to the efforts of volunteers we saved contractor fees and enjoyed working together. Yard work parties are fun – if you want to join in next time, please let Ernie, Jim or Dee know. You can email or use our church directory to access info for other members of the garden volunteers. The directory can be found at and you can call the church office for the password.