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Stories of Hope

Every Sunday we say that we are “a beloved community that . . . fights injustice and transforms the world through loving action.” One way to do that is through your support of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC). If you were in church recently, you received a red booklet, Stories of Hope. It tells the stories of four women, leaders of organizations in their countries who advocate for freedom and justice. The UUSC partners with these organizations to support grassroots efforts that fight for the rights of women, migrants and victims of climate change.
In Honduras, Marta Velasquez works to eradicate the gender-based violence which is one of the primary drivers of migration to the United States. UUSC supports her organization, Foro de Mujeres, which documents and provides legal support for women facing violence and femicide – the murder of a woman because she is a woman. In Burma (Myanmar) Wai Wai Nu’s Women Peace Network, works to protect the rights of the Rohingya, an ethnic minority practicing Islam in the predominantly Buddhist country. Recognizing the trauma experienced by refugees fleeing for their lives, Monica Curca founded Activate Labs, an organization that brings art, music and storytelling into spaces migrants pass through en route from Central America. Monica and her team see creative spaces as being essential to the human spirit: “We need joy, creativity, art and self-expression to return us to ourselves and regain what the trauma has lost for us.”
These are just a few of the voices of hope fighting injustice and transforming the world. Your support of the UUSC through Guest at Your Table makes you a partner with these brave women. Please fill your box with cash or a check, use the envelope available at the church or donate online at And remember that 100% of your purchase of Doyle’s honey in coffee hour will be donated to UUSC.