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No Estas Solo – You Are Not Alone

You would have to be really desperate to undertake this journey – rocky terrain, 100 degree heat, biting ants, hunger, and most deadly, thirst. Yet thousands driven by violence leave their homes in Central America and attempt this grueling trek. Since 1994, the United States has employed an immigration policy called “prevention through deterrence”, increasing restrictions on populated areas along the US-Mexico border, which forces migrants to travel through deadly desert landscapes. More than 9,000 migrants have died in the attempt. See the desert journey through the eyes of Unitarian Universalist minister Dr. Laura Randall, here.
The Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) partners with the organization, No More Deaths, which leaves food and water in the desert marked with the message “No Estas Solo” – You are not alone. The volunteers from No More Deaths face prosecution for their lifesaving work. Dr. Scott Warren is facing a second trial this week which could result in a lengthy prison term for offering food, shelter and medical aid to two people who crossed the desert. You can read more about his case at this link. You can also view a news story, here.

If you believe that giving water to the thirsty should not be a crime, your support of organizations like No More Deaths through your Guest At Your Table gift to the UUSC will make a difference.
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