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November Green Monthly Challenge: Get Wind Power!

Consider changing to wind power instead of dirty fossil fuel energy for our November challenge! You will still get the same bill from Delmarva, but your energy will be coming from wind instead. This simple move will significantly decrease your carbon footprint. The Delaware Sierra Club recently had a post on this very topic with step by step instructions on how to change to wind power, including all the different companies that offer wind power. Click here to learn more.
We have set a goal to have 25 households from the First U switch to wind power this month. WGL Energy is giving a special discount as well. If you enter the code: WILM19 at their site,, it will give you 100% green energy for 1 or 2 years with a discounted rate and a 4% cash back incentive (at the end of the contract term you get 4% of your annual spend back in the form of a check in your name). Please share this information with your friends, family, and neighbors! Promo code ends November 30th.