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Capital Improvements Update

Phase 1 of the Capital Improvement Plan is almost done! Chairs, floors, ceilings, lights, bathrooms, Warner room lift, office hallway ramp, carpet, front doors, window blinds, electric panels, rewiring, fans, and audio/visual nearly done. Phase 2 is the kitchen. The first kitchen bids were too expensive so we adjusted the plan a bit and found some lower cost alternatives and hope the next bid is affordable. You probably noticed the new cabinet and Parks doors are gone. The wood stain on the cabinet was not quite right so another contractor took it to their shop for rework. Of course as soon as we put a new ceiling in the Whitby vestibule the roof leaked. But the roof is fixed and the stained panels will be replaced. There are many small touch ups required but we are close to finishing. We’ll let you know about the kitchen ASAP.