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Memorial Garden Hedge Replacement

This fall 8 inkberry holly bushes in our Memorial Garden hedge died. This was from a fungal infection, and is not the first time despite multiple sprayings. We decided not to replace individual bushes this time, but rather move on to a dwarf variety of Cherry Laurel that does not seem to be affected by the fungus. Erik Goodlet, Phil Krape, Judy Windle, Jim Davis, Barbara Crowell, Marty Peres, Lois Morris, Nancy Flanagan, Bill Hardham, and Jim Weddell dug up old plants, moved the healthy ones to a temporary “quarantine” location for possible future use, picked up the new bushes in Smyrna, planted them, watered them, and did some general weeding and pruning. The new hedge looks great. Thank you to all of the workers. If you would like to help with future grounds work, contact Jim Weddell or the church office.