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Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center – January 12 Special Collection

Murray Grove is a living memorial to the origins of Universalism, a liberal religious tradition based on love and profound acceptance that transformed the landscape of religion in America. It has a long, proud history and is the site of the Universalist “miracle” almost 250 years ago. It is through a fortuitous meeting between John Murray, a Universalist minister landing on the New Jersey shores from England, and Thomas Potter that Universalism came to America. Murray Grove exists to this day providing a retreat center for the renewal of the spirit, mind, and body while preserving our Universalist history.
Murray Grove hosts UU groups for a variety of gatherings. Teen groups come to Murray Grove to deepen their spirituality, to learn responsible decision making, to develop leadership skills, to bond and have fun. UU youth attend Camping in the Grove each summer. UU women have a spirituality retreat each November. Congregational leaders come for planning, leadership and board retreats.
In these unpredictable and stressful times, non-UU social justice, non-profit and spiritual groups also call Murray Grove their home for retreat and renewal so they can continue their work to make the world a better place. Organizations representing a broad spectrum of humanity come to Murray Grove for renewal, information, and transformation.
Murray Grove is a tranquil, sacred space (only two hours from Wilmington) for those who seek to give the world hope, courage, love and inclusion to build beloved communities. Your support of Murray Grove during the special collection on January 12 will be greatly appreciated by all who seek to renew their spirits, transform the world and preserve Universalist history. To learn more, click here.