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November Special Collection: All of us on the Emmanuel Dining Room team are thrilled to report that – thanks to YOU! – we raised just over $2,000 in November during our special collection. These monies will go a long way in helping us continue to serve our monthly casseroles to those in need.
Cookies: We also asked for cookie donations in November, and boy have you all responded in a big way! We’ve overflowed our EDR cookie basket twice now and can’t thank you enough! Keep those cookies coming!
Special Thanks to the 2019 EDR Team: Many thanks to everyone on the EDR team, who help prep and serve our casseroles on the 20th of every month. This past year they included: Jill Coghlan, Steve Cohen, Kate Cowperthwait, Pam Finkelman, Sue Fuhrmann, Bob Ingersoll, Lynn Ingersoll, Sydney Robertson Jimenez, Jim Meek, Rita Meek, James Moser,Mimi Moser, Nancy Pinson, Barbara Pratt, Jean Raleigh, Ed Scott, Ajay Shalwala, Bob Ullrich, Betty Wier, Midge Willard, Sue Wilson, and Carolyn Warhenberger. We moved from prepping at church to prepping at EDR, which required some flexibility, but is going well while we await our kitchen renovations at church. (We do look forward to returning to our kitchen by the Fall of 2020.)
Want to Help? If you have availability on the 20th of the month and want to be part of this fun effort, we’d love to have you join our team. Contact Cindy Cohen at, or look for her after services on any given Sunday.