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Youth Group Social Justice Trip Fundraising

$1 – $100 Fundraiser – January 19 to January 26
Help our Youth participate in a Urban Service Camp in Philadelphia this summer!
How can you participate in the $1 – $100 Fundraiser?
Look for a board in Parish Hall on January 19 and 26. The board will be covered in envelopes labelled $1 – $100. Choose one or multiple envelopes. Place a check or money in the envelope/s totaling the amount shown on the envelope. Place the envelope/s in the box provided.
So, you can choose the $25 envelope and place $25 in the envelope for your donation. If you want to donate $25, and that envelope is taken, you can choose multiple envelopes that add to $25. For example you could choose the $17 and $8 envelopes! Thank you for your generosity in supporting our Youth!