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ILYA & Stewardship

During the church stewardship campaign, we focus on how we take care of things that are important to us. One great example is the support First U gives ILYA (Independent Living for Young Adults). It starts with the volunteers who give their time and talents to make sure the program is addressing the needs of youth aging out of foster care in New Castle County. But it doesn’t stop there. The generous financial support and gifts of many kinds throughout the year that you contribute is what has allowed the program to be so successful FOR 15 YEARS!!
Fifteen years is an exceptionally long time for a totally volunteer service organization to exist according to many in the social service profession. And ILYA is getting stronger than ever going into the next 15. We’re doing that by restructuring how we manage our projects to lighten the load on the great volunteers who work so hard year after year. That includes being recognized by Delaware State University who has approved us as an agency qualified to provide internships for their social work students.
You’ll hear more about our restructuring and the skills we need help with in the coming weeks. One opportunity is at the service on February 9th where you can meet several ILYA youth, some of the workers hired by the state to support them and our new intern. We hope you express your stewardship and celebrate 15 years of accomplishments with us that day.